Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Catch That Kid (2004) DVDRip XviD - BRUTUS

They are specialists in their fields: a rock climber, a computer genius, a mechanical whiz. Their task: to rob one of the world's most impenetrable banks to save an alling father. Their plan is foolproof; their methods are ingenious. And they're not old enough to drive. Meet Maddy, Gus, and Austin: three kids on a mission without permission.

This is the story of a twelve-year-old named Maddy. Maddy and her adventurous father have always shared a love for mountain climbing. Their hobby, however, has a disastrous effect when a devastating accident on Mount Everest injures his spine, paralyzing him forever--unless he gets a very expensive operation. Determined to procure the money to pay for his surgery, Maddy decides to recruit two of her friends, a computer genius and a mechanical whiz kid, to help her pull off a risky heist. They plan to break into the local super-high-tech bank, which holds a vault suspended 100 feet off the floor, and get to its safe. To complicate matters even further, Maddy's mother works as the security chief at that very bank. Regardless of what obstacles she faces, Maddy is determined to get to the funds her father needs, by using the amazing climbing skills he taught her.

Also Known As:
Mission Without Permission (Europe: English title) (USA) (working title)
Catch That Girl (USA) (working title)
Mission: Possible - Diese Kids sind nicht zu fassen! (Germany) (TV title)

Director: Bart Freundlich
Release Date: 6 February 2004 (USA)
Genre: Action | Adventure | Comedy | Crime | Family
MPAA: Rated PG for some language, thematic elements and rude humor.
Runtime: 91 min
Country: USA | Germany
Language: English

Kristen Stewart ... Maddy
Corbin Bleu ... Austin
Max Thieriot ... Gus
Jennifer Beals ... Molly
Sam Robards ... Tom
John Carroll Lynch ... Mr. Hartmann
James LeGros ... Ferrell (as James Le Gros)
Michael Des Barres ... Brisbane
Stark Sands ... Brad
Lennie Loftin ... Flagler
Fran├žois Giroday ... Nuffaut
Christine Estabrook ... Sharon
Kevin G. Schmidt ... Skip
Audrey Wasilewski ... Nurse
Meagen Fay ... Doctor



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