Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wandering Ginza Butterfly 1 & 2

Gincho wataridori (1971) + Gincho nagaremono mesuneko bakuchi (1972)

a.k.a. Wandering Ginza Butterfly + Wandering Ginza She-Cat Gambler

XviD @ ~ 1000kbps | 29,97 | 608 x 272 | Japanese MP3 (VBR) | | 176min | 2 x 700MB | 4 Hosts

Genre: Crime | Action

Plot: - Nami (Meiko Kaji), leader of a juvenile gang, kills an executive member of a yakuza organization due to a territorial conflict and goes to a prison. Released from prison three years later, she stays at a billiard hall and through Ryuji, starts working as hostess in Ginza, where she instantly becomes very popular. In an attempt to take control of the bar, Owada, a local yakuza, kills Ryuji's sworn brother. Enraged, Nami seeks bloody revenge!

Plot: - Nami the Silver Butterfly arrives in the Ginza in Tokyo looking for her father's killer. She meets with the creepy oyabun Aiboshi, who immediately wants to hire such a beauty as a dealer for his gambling hall.



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